Frequently Asked Questions


Can I be a patient without a Doctor's Prescription/Referral?

Yes you can! In the State of Washington, law allows anyone to seek physical therapy, even without a prescription/referral. However, some insurances will not cover visits if you do not have this. In these cases, we offer a Cash Pay plan so that you may seek treatment at your convenience.

Additionally, If you have a prescription/referral from your doctor for a different PT clinic, but you wish to see us, you may still be able to do so.


How can I set up an appointment?  

You can arrange an appointment with our clinicians by calling (253) 876-6826. We do not currently offer online appointment setting.


Who will be involved in my rehabilitation? 

We have credentialed Physical Therapists and PT Assistants who perform the treatment, and PT Aides who assist in parts of your care. Our therapists communicate regularly with your physician and others (such as a claim manager or employer) to maintain a high level of care throughout your journey towards rehabilitation.


What is your no show/cancelation policy?  

See this form: "No Show Cancelation Policy" 

In short, patients must cancel their scheduled appointment by 3pm the day prior. Appointments cancelled after this cutoff may be subject to a $25 fee, to be paid before the next appointment. Exception can be made at the discretion of the staff, but are not guaranteed. Cancellation notices may be made by phone or text 24 hours a day.


I am part of a local business. How can we partner with you?

If you are interested in partnering with Rainier Family Physical Therapy, please send an email to our Marketing department, or by calling our clinic at 253-875-6826