Do you...

...have pain with movement (walking, running, standing, weight-bearing, etc)?

...have pain with everyday activities/tasks?

...have limited range of motion?

...have frequent headaches?

...have an inability to fully control your bladder (including small leaks)?

...have a desire to avoid surgery?

...need to prepare for pre/post-surgical rehab?

Let us offer you a free consultation to see if we can help. No commitment, no pressure, just a friendly PT giving you options for living a pain free life!


If you are a...

  • New Patient that we have never seen before
  • Previous Patient that wants to be seen for a new injury or condition are eligible for a FREE CONSULTATION! It's a 15 minute quick look at what's bothering you and to see if physical therapy can help. The skilled physical therapist will talk with you about your complaints, and give you a quick treatment to help relieve the pain or correct the body. If further treatment is warranted, our friendly staff will walk you through the process after your consultation.


If you are a...

  • Previous Patient that wants to be seen for a condition for which you have previously seen us are eligible for a  FREE LIFETIME CHECK-UP! Once you have been a patient of ours, you are always a patient of ours. Regardless of how long it's been since we last saw you, we are always willing to extend a quick check-up to see how you are doing. (Note: the check-up is not a full appointment. If after the check-up, further treatment is warranted, the case will need to be reopened and billing resumed.)

Call us now to schedule your consultation or check-up, totally FREE! 253-875-6826