Aubrie Winkler

Physical Therapy Aide

Random Fact about Kim: She likes soccer.

Random Fact about Susan: She was on the swim team in high school.

Why I Love RFPT: It is a great, friendly, fun environment that I enjoy being in and contributing to.

Favorite Flower: The Plumeria flower

Favorite Vacation Spot: My adventures to the kitchen.

Favorite Animal: Sea Turtles

Favorite Coffee Shop Order: Green apple blast from Kassie’s Korner

Favorite Activity: Swimming

Professional Life: I am a Running Start student currently truin to get my Assosciate’s of Arts degree. I started volunteering at RFPT to get volunteer hours for school and I likes it so much that I ended up applying for an aide position. I am going back to school after I graduate in 2019 to become a second grade special education teacher.

Personal Life: I have lived in Washington state for my whole life. My favorite thing about Washington is that we have mountains, an ocean, a rain forest, and a desert all in one state. I enjoy drawing, painting, singing, playing violin, cooking, swimming and playing all types of video games. I am a very quirky and positive person that enjoys making people smile and laugh.