mitchell nguyen

Physical Therapy Aide

Random Fact About Kim: Best friends with Susan

Random Fact About Susan: Best Friends with Kim

Why I Love RFPT: I love the family aspect of the clinic.

Favorite Car: 1999 Nissan Skyline GTR R34

Favorite Vacation Spot: Crystal Mountain

Favorite Animal: Panda

Favorite Coffee Order: Water or when I’m feeling spicy, lemonade

Favorite Activity: Snowboarding or wrestling or hanging out with family/girlfriend

Favorite Superhero: Blank Panther (Wakanda Forever)

Favorite Quote: “Be like water my friend.” - Bruce Lee

Professional Life: In the summer of 2017, my wrestling coach at the time told me about this great place to work called Rainier Family Physical Therapy, so I went in for an interview then volunteered for 2 weeks and after that, the company hired me for the Physical Therapy Aide position.

Personal Life: I was pursuing a career in physical therapy, but now I have decided to go into Firefighter/Paramedic career. I start the Fire Academy in Fall of 2019 at Bates Technical College. I also coach wrestling in my spare time and compete in Freestyle tournaments. I love spending time with my family and girlfriend. My best friend is my grandmother she has always been there for me and I know I can also count on her for anything. She also makes really good food. Some things I also do for fun in working out, snowboarding, hiking, kayaking and rock climbing.