Download Referral Form Here

When you refer to us, we know it's a sign of faith in our clinic to get results for your patients. To do this as effectively as possible, we have instituted procedures that aim to meet 2 goals: get your patient in as quickly as possible and to maintain open communication with you, their physician.

Referring Your Patient

It's quick and easy: download the form from the link at the top, and send it along with the patient's information. It can be given directly to the patient to contact us or faxed to our office at (253) 875-1547.

Patient Contact

Once the referral is received, the patient will be contacted within 1 business day to schedule. We will make every effort to get the patient into an appointment within 24 hours, unless otherwise requested by you or your patient. If we are unable to make contact with them, daily calls will be made for 5 straight business days or until scheduled. If at that point the patient remains unscheduled, you will be notified.

Ongoing Communication

We will continue to consult with you during your patients entire treatment. To make sure that communications are not delayed, please note any changes in office mailing address, phone or fax numbers, and physician's names when the referral is sent. This allows us to update our records and keep you up to date.