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Patient Representative

Random Fact about Me: I am a perfume collector!


Why I LOVE RFPT: They are so kind, efficient, and effective!


Favorite Flower: Tulip

Favorite Animal: Chickens

Favorite Song: Bitter Water - The Oh Hellos

Favorite Coffee Shop Order: Strawberry, white peach, vanilla, pink lotus with lemonade

Favorite Activity: Drawing or Writing

Favorite Music: Indie pop

Favorite Movie from a Book: Howl's Moving Castle

Favorite Movie: Castle in the Sky

Favorite TV Show: Black Clover

Favorite Disney Princess: Rapunzel

Favorite Quote: "The earth speaks to all of us, and if we listen, we ca understand" - Uncle Pom


Professional Life: I graduated Pierce College with my Associates of Arts Degree and got accepted into The University of Washington and am currently in my bachelor's program. Through UW I am studying in Technical Writing, Business Management, and Computer Coding. During this time, I decided to come to RFPT because I loved the environment and the work they produced.


Personal Life: I was married in September of 2023 and have been living happily with my husband, who I have been with for four years. Together we play video games, travel, and watch many shows together. By myself I enjoy reading and writing poetry, reading romance novels, drawing, collecting perfume, and listening to new music.

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